EPISODES 1, 2 and 3 Streaming at


Filmed in Front of a Live Studio Audience as Part of a Multi-Platform Exhibition


Jibz Cameron (Dynasty Handbag)

Jenn Harris (Silence! The Musical)

Neal Medlyn (Champagne Jerry)

Ana Matronic (Scissor Sisters)

Carmine Covelli (the Julie Ruin)

Vinny Lopez (Two JasperJohns)

Sadie Parker


Log line:

The contemporary art world isn’t all that different from your world, except for the glamour, unscrupulous collectors, vengeful critics and one over the hill art star with a serious drinking problem. The rest is pretty much like yours.


NEW YORK, New York- Nov 11, 2015- NYC artist and art-world satirist, Guy Richards Smit, is releasing a 5-episode sitcom web series, THE GROSSMALERMAN SHOW in collaboration with Joshua White, (TV Director of episodes of Seinfeld and The Max Headroom Show, creator of Joshua Light Show).  


Guy Richards Smit, creator of everyone's favorite vodka-soaked artist, the megalomaniacal and buffoonish Jonathan Grossmalerman will post a new episode every Wednesday at 2pm, with the first episode premiering today, Wednesday, November 11thEpisode 1 is now streaming on Paste and will be streaming at the Grossmalerman webiste at 2pm EST.


THE GROSSMALERMAN SHOW was shot with multiple cameras in front of a live studio audience in Autumn 2014 at the Boiler, a cavernous art gallery in Brooklyn, as part of a multi-platform exhibition. In the series, the artist Jonathan Grossmalerman, a once successful painter in a serious career slump has been offered an exhibition at his dream gallery...but there's a catch! He can't show any of the incredibly explicit paintings that helped make his name. All that pressure would be enough to send any artist into a full-fledged creative crisis, but Grossmalerman still has to contend with the haunted Basquiat painting his girlfriend just dragged home, his estranged eleven year old daughter who just moved in and the studio assistant's poor book keeping which sets off a violent string of events that include but are not limited to, an assassin, a spit take and a very angry collector.


Smit & White have assembled a first rate cast of some of New York's most talented performers including Jibz Cameron (Dynasty Handbag) Jenn Harris (Silence! The Musical) Neal Medlyn (Champagne Jerry) Ana Matronic (Scissor Sisters) Carmine Covelli (the Julie Ruin) Vinny Lopez (Two JasperJohns) and introducing the charming Sadie Parker. 


The show was filmed within a multi platform exhibition, consisting of a gallery installation of the stage-set of THE GROSSMALERMAN SHOW.Each episode was shot with multiple cameras in front of a live studio audience, as classic sitcoms were and the constantly changing stage set remained intact over the course of the exhibition where it could be explored by gallery goers during normal gallery hours.


THE GROSSMALERMAN SHOW was made possible in part by a successful $45,000 crowd-funding campaign that appealed to a community of friends and supporters. Notable donors included artists Joe Bradley, Deborah Kass, Matthew Day Jackson, Jennie C. Jones, Michael Smith, William Powhida, James Siena, Ryan McGuiness, Jennifer McCoy, Will Cotton, Sebastiaan Bremer, Eve Sussman, Laura Parnes, Erik Parker, and many more.


Guy Richards Smit"

Born and raised in New York City, Guy Richards Smit is a video artist, performer, musician and painter who's work has been seen at biennials in Havana, Valencia, ARCOMadrid and Dublin Contemporary. He's had solo exhibitions at Schroeder Romero & Shredder, Fred [London] Ltd, Roebling Hall and TEAM and performed at MoMA, PS1, The Pompidou Center, the Hirshhorn Museum, Bloomberg Center London and many others. In 2004 the Museum of Modern Art included his full length "video rock opera" Nausea 2 in their Premier Series to celebrate the museum's reopening. In October 2013, NY Times Art Critic Roberta Smith wrote that Smit's most recent project was "A tour de force that showcases his considerable talents for satire, stand-up, endurance art and painting" He currently writes a regular column as Grossmalerman for the British magazine ArtReview and has a book coming out with them in Spring 2016.


Joshua White:

Born and raised in New York City, Joshua White is an artist and video maker. In 1967, he formed The Joshua Light Show, a performing ensemble creating live improvised psychedelic imagery behind all the great rock bands of the day. Eventually, The Joshua Light Show found a permanent home at Bill Graham’s Fillmore East. After performing at the Woodstock Festival Joshua left light shows behind to pursue his new interest, giant screen video projection for large arenas. Soon, broadcast television discovered the potential of rock. Joshua segued over to that medium and began a thirty year career as a TV director. His credits include SeinfeldThe Jerry Lewis TelethonThe Max Headroom Show,Club MTVThe New Mickey Mouse Club, and Inside The Actors Studio. Ten years ago, Joshua re-generated light show collaborations with Gary Panter. Over the last 15 years, he made many other art projects and installations, six of them in New York, Austin, and Philadelphia with performance artist Michael Smith. His work has been seen at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, The Hirshhorn Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, The New Museum, Centre Pompidou, Hayden Planetarium in NY, Barbican Centre in London, Basel Switzerland and Basel Miami and most recently, The Cleveland Museum of Art. In October, Joshua Light Show will return to NYU’s Skirball Center for a second week-long residency.


"A tour de force that showcases his considerable talents for satire, stand-up, endurance art and painting…”

- Roberta Smith, Art Critic, The New York Times


"Grossmalerman! is a screwball comedy where two wrongs make a right and artistic genius comes in unbreakable plastic bottles. Watching just one episode made me laugh so hard, the tears ran down my legs." - Christian Viveros-Faune, Art Critic, Village Voice


"Brilliant!" - Peter Schjeldahl, Art Critic, The New Yorker


"Part of Smit's success must come from the simple brilliance of his ventriloquism. Watching Smit assume the persona of Grossmalerman  is like studying one of Rembrandt's strange fantasy portraits, in which the Dutchman puts on an exotic costume and then paints a "self-portrait" that isn't about himself at all".- Blake Gopnik, Art Critic, The Washington Post


"I <3 Grossmalerman!" - Jerry Saltz, Art Critic, New York Magazine