A Candid Talk With Jennifer Blanc-Biehn

In today’s Hollywood, most actors are no longer just actors as many are taking on producers’ hats as well. In a time when a limited number of feature films receive a studio green light, more and more actors are developing their own starring vehicles, finding investors and selling finished products on the open market. Jennifer Blanc-Biehn is one such actor, she and her husband Michael Biehn are mainstays at American Film Market.

We wanted to know more about this incredible actress, producer and businesswoman. Jennifer sat down with us to share her wisdom about acting, producing and selling movies with her best friend

ISM: For the majority of your career you have been an actress; why did you decide to venture into producing your own films?
JB: While I am still an actress, which is number one for me, what producing has done is given Michael and myself an opportunity to work together, work with our peers and people we love, and the ability to pick and choose roles that I've wanted to play. I am really enjoying the creative parts of producing, the community, and the collaborating. I have learned much from this.

ISM: You took six films to AFM this year. Can you tell us about your experience as a seller at the largest entertainment market in the world?
JB: We have sales reps that really help us through. AFM, like Cannes, Berlin, Tiff and many others are great places to get the films in front of distributors and buyers. WTF and Dimitri Stephanides is helming the sales for “Hidden in the Woods”, the remake. Tyler Konney at Taylor and Dodge is doing the same with “The Girl”, which I directed. “The Night Visitor” and “The Night Visitor 2” are for sale together as a tandem set of films which is a cool new concept! “Treachery” is out, but we are still selling to foreign markets. With “Altered Perception”, we are still figuring out who will rep this one. We have many more titles in post.

ISM: With over ten films in development, most as an Executive Producer, have you found it difficult raising money for so many productions?
JB: We have a core investor with the micro-budget films and creative executive Lony Ruhmann. There are cases with the bigger movies that it takes more; that being said, it is such a cool model, we have found people coming to us.

ISM: Do you believe more women should take their careers into their own hands and create more instead of settling for co-starring roles?
JB: Yes! I love the female initiative vibe.

ISM: Do you see your production company creating independent television series?
JB: Yes! This is on the roster! We have an idea in development and want to do more.

ISM: With alternative forms of financing on the rise, what are your thoughts on crowdfunding, reward-based and equity-based?
JB: It is good idea; however, you really need to have the people doing it for you and on top of it, so that all the people are happy.

ISM: What is it like to do what you love for a living with your best friend and husband, Michael Biehn?
JB: It is a dream come true, and I am full of gratitude.

ISM: Any advice you would give to young women looking to break into the business?
JB: Just do it. Know that even with doubt and fear, perseverance can make things happen and go a long way. Don't be afraid to be outspoken.