Rising Star

This young lady is a princess, but not the Disney kind. The self-proclaimed silly girl is a rising star that is in full control of her life and her career. This east coast girl loves her roots and easily professes her mother is her bestie. Starring in two recently released TV series, look for this star to continue to rise.

ISM: Where are you from? DG: I am from outside of Philly, an east coast girl.

ISM: What lead you to acting? DG: I don’t really know, I just know from the time I was in kindergarten I wanted to be the lead in the play. [laughs]

ISM: Can you tell us about your first audition in Hollywood? DG: Oooooh, ummm, it was a Disney Channel show, and I was like twelve with big boobs and 5’6, so it didn’t really work out. [laughs]

ISM: You are quickly becoming a television star, how is life different now that you are in the public eye? DG: I’m not really in the public eye yet. I have all this stuff coming up so nothing has come out yet. I still have like 80 friends on Twitter and they are all from my middle school. Hanging out and working in Hollywood is very weird.

ISM: You have appeared on Law & Order SVU and NCIS, tell us about your experience on such heavy weight shows? DG: It has been really fun. Law & Order was the first thing I ever did. My mom and I drove up to New York and it was cool being the person giving them the evidence [laughs].

ISM: Do you see yourself doing more film roles in the future? DG: Yes, totally. I would love to, and if anyone has a film they want me to be in let me know. It would be killer since I have never sunk my teeth in a movie role.

ISM: You have a starring role in TV Land’s “Jennifer Falls”, what does this opportunity mean to you? DG: It means I was able to sit next to Jessica Walter and no one called security. The cast is unbelievable and I’m there. It’s like the most elaborate prank anyone has ever pulled on me.

ISM: Are you anything like your character Gretchen? DG: Definitely! When I was 15 or 16 years old, I was just as much of a precocious asshole as I am now. She has a very smart friendship with her mom and it’s just like the relationship I have with my real mom.

ISM: What other projects do you have coming up? DG: The same week as “Jennifer Falls”, I have a show dropping called “Chasing Life” so that is really bizarre.

ISM: Do you see yourself writing or creating yourself? DG: I really-really see myself writing movies. I love to write, so that would be unbelievable.